Good Things End
Main Street
Marco Roelofs
My Favorite Scar
Nina June
Rosemary’s Sons
Red Vultures
Van Velzen
Vals Licht


Full discography

2013 Guido van Heuvelen Distractions recording, mixing, produced
2013 Red Vultures EP recording, mixing, mastering, produced
2012 Heideroosjes Cease Fire recording, mixing, produced
2012 Heideroosjes Eindshow AB Brussel (DVD) mixing, mastering
2012 Mid Air Collision Faster Than The Others recording, mixing, mastering, produced
2012 BZB 7 recorded, produced

2011 BZB Totally BZB (DVD) mixing, mastering
2011 Good Things End Within Her Arms recorded, mixed, arrangements, produced, writer

2010 Jan J. Pieterse Nu even niet over seks! mixing, mastering
2010 Heideroosjes Manie, Manie! (DVD) mixing, mastering

2009 Mid Air Collision Rearrange The Past recording, mixing, mastering, produced
2009 101’s Get What You Deserve recorded, mixed, produced, mastering
2009 Danny Malando Christmas Songs mixed, mastering
2009 Heideroosjes Ode & Tribute recording, mixing, produced

2008 Mid Air Collision Dead Men Tell No Tales recording, mixing, mastering, produced
2008 Good Things End Out of Nowhere arrangements, engineering, programming, keys, mastering
2008 As You Like It Indigo engineered, mixed, produced, mastering
2008 Jupiter Feel This Way recorded, mixed, produced, mastering
2008 The New Shining Supernatural Showdown additional mixing

2007 Heideroosjes Chapter Eight, The Golden State pre-production, vocal coaching

2006 Heideroosjes Royal To The Bone mastering
2006 Sara Kroos Zoetgevooisd mixing
2006 Jupiter Jupiter recorded, mixed, produced, mastering
2006 Nailpin White Lies & Butterflies assisting engineer
2006 SQY Top Fuel Tendencies mixed, mastered
2006 Efteling Efteling Sprookjes CD 5 en 6 recording, mixed, mastered
2006 Lekke Band De eerste keer keihard pompen recorded, mixed, produced

2005 SQY Rocking Team Full Throttle mixing
2005 Rosemary’s Sons St. Eleanor’s Park assisting engineer
2005 Krezip What Are You Waiting For engineering for a few tracks
2005 Efteling Efteling Sprookjes CD 3 en 4 recording, mixed, mastered

2004 Nailpin 12 To Go assisting engineer, string arrangements
2004 Heideroosjes Sinema assisting engineer
2004 Efteling Efteling Sprookjes CD 1 en 2 recording, mixed, mastered

2003 Vals Licht Luidkeels assisting engineer
2003 Dreadlock Pussy Tsumi assisting engineer
2003 Aemen Fooly Dressed orchestral arrangements

2002 Heideroosjes It’s a Lifeā€¦ 12,5 Years Live! assisting engineer


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